[Wiki Loves Monuments] Tool to visualize all photos of a given Monument

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Mon Oct 1 11:04:21 UTC 2012

Provided you have created a category for that monument then I would
recommend just looking at the category, and if you have several images for
a monument it makes sense to put them all in one category. If you have a
matching article on Wikipedia you can then link the whole lot via a

Here is a category I created today

Using the standard Commons interface rather than a specific tool has
several advantages, not least that it is the way a very large proportion of
users will use it.


On 30 September 2012 15:26, Cristian Consonni <kikkocristian at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wonder if it exist a tool that visualizes all the photos of a
> given monument (i.e. a given ID), very much like this tool[*] but
> fitered by ID and not by user.
> Thanks in advance.
> Cristian
> [*]
> http://toolserver.org/~superzerocool/wlm/usuario.php?pais=ukraine&usuario=Investigatio&pagina=18
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