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Nicu Buculei nicubunu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 06:35:06 UTC 2012

On 10/01/2012 03:30 AM, Ynhockey wrote:
> Oscar:
> Regarding thumbnail size: it was originally supposed to be modifiable
> per country but not it's only modifiable globally. Jason made it better
> for smaller screens per your request. However, eventually I'd like it to
> be per-country again, but it's probably not urgent at the moment (let me
> know if it is ;) ).

Is not urgent, as we will need a couple of days anyway to get familiar 
with the tool, but once the real filtering starts, it will be needed.

Considering many countries have thousands or tens of thousands of 
pictures, browsing them will take a while, so 12 thumbnails per page as 
in the demo is low, the filtering will take a long while.

> Regarding ease of use: I'm sure that some things can be done for ease of
> use, but when making the first level what I had in mind is that it
> should be easy to change your mind. The idea is, once you accept or
> reject an image, you can't change your mind (unless you have direct DB
> access). So the 'update' button was added in the first place to avoid a
> situation where people would accept/reject images by accident. What
> Israel will do (and from what I understand, other countries did the same
> last year), is to get a team of dedicated and trustworthy organizers to
> do the filtering stage. I am of course open to ideas about the general
> workings of this stage, although rewriting the whole thing is probably
> not the best thing to do since you need to be start using it right away.

Here are some usability suggestions:
- at first it was un-intuitive for me to discover the "update decisions" 
button. now that i discovered it, i know what to do, but a bit of 
scrolling is still needed;
- also I have to acknowledge I was confused at first with the position 
of the "accept" and "reject" icons, a few times I clicked on the wrong 
ones, I expected them to be below the pictures but they were at the top;
- the filtering is going to be used my more people at the same time. One 
user will browse the images, accept some, reject some but also defer 
some, leaving the decision for others. A faster way to navigate the 
images is needed, perhaps in the footer in addition to "<< Start || < 
Previous || Next >" some way to jump to "page N".

For the second stage, image rating, I only saw a screenshot so far so 
for now I have a single request: a more fine-grained noting system. When 
the jury is small, only 1-5 stars is to little and will produce a lot of 
collisions, multiple image with the same score.
Last year in my country we had every member of the jury give an image 3 
scores from 1 to 10 for different criteria: artistic quality, technical 
quality and usefulness for Wikipedia and made a pondered sum (50%, 30%, 
20%) for a final note for each person.
While this may be overkill for the global competition and juries in 
every country, moving to 1-5 stars is way too little. I will think a bit 
more about how comfortable a 1-10 rating per image is.


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