[Wiki Loves Monuments] IMPORTANT: sending prizes to you - check your address!

Barbara Fischer barbara.fischer at wikimedia.de
Tue Nov 20 09:58:15 UTC 2012

Hello activists of Wiki loves monuments!

as we are going to send You soon 15 copies of the calendar from most
participating countries I do have a valid address, due to the sending of
the notebooks earlier this year. But some are missing

These are the countries, where I lack the information, that the package
actually reached its destination:

   - Mexico, Ivan Martinez, second try
   - Columbia, Oscar Gomez
   - South Africa, Isla Haddow Flood c/o  Africa centre
   - Philippines Wikimedia Chapter
   - Norway Harald Groven
   - Canada Beniot Rochon (parcel came back this day 20121120)
   - Switzerland, Chantal Ebongue
   - Poland, Anna Matusiak
   - Ucraine, Wikimedia Chapter
   - Belgium, Romaine
   - Israel, Tomer Ashur

These are countries where I lack all post information:

institution or private; Name, familiy name; house street number; town ; zip
code; district, country, office hours; and if possible a phone number

   - Kenya
   - Slovakia

Please let me know, if the parcel service has failed, and if so, if you
could suggest an other address.

best regards

Barbara Fischer
Kuratorin für Kulturpartnerschaften

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. | NEU: Obentrautstr. 72 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. (030) 219 158 26-0


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