[Wiki Loves Monuments] Ideas wanted: Our lists have become too big

Strainu strainu10 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 20:48:04 UTC 2012


A few days ago I've introduced direct upload links for all the
monuments without an image in the monument list. The link worked ok,
but I've noticed that the 3 biggest counties (by number of monuments)
were not displayed completely anymore due to the page becoming larger
than the maximum allowed article size [1]. I reverted the direct
upload link, but the problem remained for Iași [2].

Since the problem is only going to get worse as the lists get more
complete, I am now wondering what my options are:
- ask the WMF for an increase in wgMaxArticleSize in ro.wp. Tempting,
but even if this happens before September, >2MB pages will still be
hard to load on older computers.
- use a short URL service to shave some characters off the URL used
for error reporting/image uploading. Might still hit the limit at some
- give up on the error reporting and/or direct image uploading (either
in all the counties or just in the ones where we hit the size limit).
This sounds like a hard price to pay, since we've received an
impressive number of error reports and I'm sure the direct upload link
will also be a success.
- further split the county list into several smaller pages. As you can
see, the list is already split into sections by letter, but putting
the sections in different pages would mean between 20 and 30 links,
which I believe could discourage people looking for a certain

I am not sure which of these options to choose and I am hoping for
some advice from you guys.


[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgMaxArticleSize
[2] https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lista_monumentelor_istorice_din_jude%C8%9Bul_Ia%C8%99i

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