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Sylvain Boissel sylvain.boissel at wikimedia.fr
Fri Jul 20 09:48:53 UTC 2012

Hi Nuno,

Your tool looks really interesting !

How do the images got into the tool ? Do you provide a full list on October
1st ? Or are the new pictures assigned to jury members on the fly as soon
as they are posted to Commons ?

Best regards,

2012/6/24 Nuno Tavares <nuno.tavares at wikimedia.pt>

> Greetings all,
> We had such a tool running on our website. Briefly:
> * We create tokens for each juri;
> * We randomly assign images for each token (each will get TOTAL/TOKENS
> images approx.), putting them on a "bucket level 1";
> * Then, the token is sent to the juri person, which will use it to browse
> through the gallery of his assigned photos, and the selection process
> begins.
> * The selection process consists in 2 passes:
> -- The juri person either "promotes" interesting images to "bucket 2" or
> "demotes" uninteresting images to "bucket 0" (to mark them as viewed).
> -- Most probably, in the end the juri person has selected too much images
> for bucket 2, so the last step is to demote images from bucket 2 to 1 again.
> In the end, the bucket 2 should have the number we established (50) for
> him to have present on the juri presencial meeting.
> The tool was further extended for helping during the juri presencial
> meeting: people gather somewhere, and the tool merges the 50 selected
> photos from each, and then a voting mechanism is due: each juri present
> will assign a classification.
> At the end, the selection list is downloaded (for mobility) and ordered to
> clear out exequo's (each juri will change his vote according to the
> discussion).
> You can have a "status" from last year, here:
> http://wlm2011.ufp.wikimedia.**pt/tools/juri/status.php<http://wlm2011.ufp.wikimedia.pt/tools/juri/status.php>
> And I believe you can try things (this is a "running copy" of the old
> site):
> http://wlm2011.ufp.wikimedia.**pt/tools/juri/?token=a5e88407-**
> be35-11e1-a7d1-eae4baf4981c<http://wlm2011.ufp.wikimedia.pt/tools/juri/?token=a5e88407-be35-11e1-a7d1-eae4baf4981c>
> As for the presencial meeting' extensions, I'll have to dig where did I
> put them .
> -NT
> Em 22-06-2012 07:11, Nicu Buculei escreveu:
>  On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 8:59 PM, Bas vb  wrote:
>>> No voter will watch all images (or maybe not even a big part), so I
>>> think a
>>> public voting system will only work with lists up to a maximum of 500
>>> pictures. Watching 10.000 pictures (and some will have 50k) just takes
>>> quite
>>> some time (1-2 days).
>>> Last year I scrolled to the categories (looking 200 pictures in 10
>>> seconds),
>>> every picture that I liked or jumped out was then opened in a new tab by
>>> me,
>>> and if I liked the picture I copied the link and added it to a page with
>>> wikistyle pictures on big size (700px) this page I watched in preview
>>> edit
>>> mode and this way narrowed down the selection.
>> Something like that is what we used for the jury pre-screening, we had
>> the jury members to look at the category pages as thumbnails and make
>> a selection from there. The links to individual image pages were
>> collected and we produced the final voting selection with a reasonable
>> amount of images. More people doing this, and the selection will be
>> balanced.
>>  I think a basic but strong to tool to speed this up very much is to skip
>>> the
>>> copy the link and place it somewhere else part of that and make that a
>>> simple mouseclick.
>> I had the people making the selection copy the image URL from the
>> address bar copy and paste it into a text file, send it when ready. A
>> web app can be a helpful replacement for that, but keep in mind one
>> aspect: jury members may NOT be regular Wikipedia contributors and NOT
>> have an account, so it have to 1. work without login and 2. keep their
>> work together somehow.
>>  so you start with a huge category, you go throught that page by page (200
>>> pictures a time), and select those that you like (the add pictures to
>>> list
>>> mode). These will then show in a list (where you can pick the pixel
>>> size),
>>> there you have a delete mode to delete pictures not good enough. The only
>>> thing is, no saving on Commons should be involved because
>>> participants/everybody shouldn't see what the juries select (at least
>>> not to
>>> soon).
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