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Hi Bas,
It might be obvious (given that every page is in English), but the WLM-US
site has a participation page here:


On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 2:15 PM, Bas vb <basvb_wikipedia at live.nl> wrote:

>  Hello everybody,
> Last year I've tried to participate in every single country. I didn't
> succeed in that (I simply did not have pictures in some countries), and
> this year that'll even be harder. But I succeeded to participate in most
> countries (10), it will be hard to defend that record again this year,
> because in some countries (luxembourg) I've uploaded all pictures of
> monuments in my collection.
> Last year only a few people have uploaded in more than 2 or 3 countries
> (only around 5 people from the 5000 uploaded in more then 5 countries if my
> memory is correct), I think we should aim to improve the international
> participation, outside your own country during holidays for example.
> A problem when participating last year in other countries is that my
> skills in portuguese, swedish and romanian or polish (to name a few, the
> problem was almost everywhere) are very bad, but to participate I had to
> read the descriptions of how to do that in the local languagues. Google
> translate is a good friend, but sometimes he sends you in the wrong
> direction.
> In a recent news post on the dutch wikilovesmonuments.nl site I've called
> for action to our readers to take pictures during their holidays in other
> countries, I've send them to wikilovesmonuments.org
> http://www.wikilovesmonuments.org/participate/ is the page to look at,
> for other countries this page tells us to go to
> http://www.wikilovesmonuments.eu/english-pages/ where we see only 3
> pages.
> I hope this year (and preferably mainly in the next week, because people
> are allready on holidays.) we can achieve to get an "how to participate"
> page for every country in english on their local website! 33 pages to go!!
> this page should contain:
> -Where you can find the lists, or how you can find the monuments. The
> lists will be in the local language, but knowing where to find them will be
> a big improvement. Last year in one country, it costed me one hour to find
> how a monument was named, and where the lists were.
> -How you can participate/upload. (some countries used a different way,
> offcourse you shouldn't, but else link to the upload interface of your
> language)
> -What the rules are (who wins?)
> -Any special things for your country (some countries have other dates if I
> understand correctly)
> -What you can win.
> - Basicly everything somebody who wants to participate should know,
> keeping the information short.
> I hope this year we can make it easier to participate in other countries
> you don't know the language of. And this way will stimulate more people to
> participate in multiple countries. And then I'm up for the challenge: "who
> can upload pictures in the highest number of countries".
> Mvg,
> Bas
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