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I don't think you need to copy all of your existing monuments to the new
category, but you have to realize that in September, during the contest
when the Commons upload wizard is activated, the template (I mean the
Commons template that I linked to in my previous email) will be added to
the photo during the batch run of the night after the upload. So in the
case of this bridge with number K-0102, user XYZ will come along and use
the WLM uploader and type in K-0102. Right after the upload, the template
will be visible along with the WLM logo showing this K-0102 number, but
nothing else. That night, the erfgoed bot will come along and put the photo
in the proper category, and will also add gecoordinates that it gets from
your list.

You had created a row template, but you forgot to create the Commons photo
template. That is what I made and linked to the bridge category. If your
ministry of culture (or their agency, since it's not clear to me who you
got the list of monuments from) has no logo, then I guess you can use the
Ukraine flag, but during the competition the Ukraine flag will also be used
in the CC-by-SA licence template, so you will see it used twice in all

When I wrote  "I don't think you have one, but then you need to make
one", I was not referring to the number itself, but a link per photo to a
place where you explain the number.
The reason you need this is because we have said that the unique identifier
is necessary to participate in WLM. During the WLM contest lots of mistakes
get uploaded and many end up getting deleted because they cannot be traced
to the proper record. I don't know if you can link to your wikipedia list.
Usually this link goes directly to a heritage agency.

See for examples the other templates in use by other WLM countries here:


2012/7/17 Андрій Бондаренко <bondareandre at gmail.com>

> Hi, Jane,
> 2012/7/17 Jane Darnell <jane023 at gmail.com>
>> Hi Andrij,
>> I am trying to follow your logic because I think you are a bit stuck. I
>> noticed you didn't have any monuments on Wikimedia Commons yet, so I just
>> created some categories there for you and a template which you can see here:
>> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Moscow_Bridge
> We have quite a lot of monuments on Commons. I think about 1000 or even
> more. Maybe that's because not all of them are included to Category:Cultural
> heritage monuments in Ukraine by region<http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Cultural_heritage_monuments_in_Ukraine_by_region>category, you think we have non of them, but in fact we do.  Do we need
> placing all of them to corresponding subcategories?
>> As the template indicates, you need to put in the logo of your heritage
>> organization (I used the Ukraine flag) and the url to your heritage
>> register (I used foo.org).
> Sorry, what template are you talking about? Our heritage register is Ministry
> of Culture of Ukraine <http://mincult.kmu.gov.ua/mincult/uk/index%20>, it
> seems it doesn't have own logo :))
>> I don't think you have one, but then you need to make one,
> This 2 lists are beginning of it. A lot of lists are already present as
> articles in Ukrainian Wikipedia. Also they are availabla in www.wlm.org.uapage.
>> because this link has to go somewhere, I think, otherwise you will not
>> satisfy the need for notability of the photo on Commons. I labelled this
>> bridge with the number from your list: K-0102
> Yes, it's OK. Unfortunately we have to develop own ID's because those that
> is used by our heritage register is too imperfect and insufficient.
>> Next I saw that you added the data about your list to the 2011 page, but
>> doesn't this need to be on the 2012 page?
> I was asked to do so by Elke and as far as I understand there is no such
> 2012 page.
> --
> Regards, Andrij
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