[Wiki Loves Monuments] collecting vital data form all particpating countries

Barbara Fischer barbara.fischer at wikimedia.de
Mon Jul 9 10:08:38 UTC 2012

Hi dear organizers,

At the moment we count 38 countries participating in almost every
continent! As September is getting closer we will have to make sure that
all relevant data is at hand.

To be able to send You as representative of a participating country a
little parcel with prizes and goodies, such as the paper notebooks from
Lettera27, we need a full post address (Name, institution, street or PO Box
Zip Code town, Country and office ours if so). We would like to know, which
partners You have both as sponsors, media partners or partners that help
you to have the monument lists, or forming the jury, or other assets.

Maybe you could simply add the required data here:

external progress


for the delivery of the package:


Anyhow, please make sure, that all information collected on the Commons
page is as up dated as possible by Beginning of August.


Barbara Fischer
Kuratorin für Kulturpartnerschaften

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