[Wiki Loves Monuments] Help! List to template transformation

elya ew_wp at web.de
Mon Jul 2 06:13:57 UTC 2012

Good morning Jane,

Am 01.07.12 10:35, schrieb Jane Darnell:
> Again, I am a heavy Excel user, so I can only tell you how to do this in
> Excel. To do what you require, I would first dump the list into Notepad
> and then reimport it to Excel with the delimeter "|". This gives you
> columns for each field (including double columns for the "|", but that
> doesn't matter). 
> Next I would replace the text "|" in the appropriate columns with the 
> "|/parameter name/ = "  text and whn I am done, dump it back into
> notepad for further editting of the headers and footers etc.

> Once you have done one list, you can create an Excel macro to do this
> for all other lists.

Did you create one? I'd like to see and learn, did much of the above
steps in the same way last year manually...


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