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Thanks Strainu, as this is the first time for us, I just wanted a rough figure to estimate for.

Kind regards

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>2012/6/28 Lourie Pieterse <louriepieterse at yahoo.com>:
>> Hello everyone
>> I am from the South African chapter and we are also taking part in this
>> year's WLM competition. We are curious as to what the budgets of the other
>> participants are; are there maybe some other countries that would be so kind
>> to share this with us? Thanks, we would just like to know for what we should
>> be aiming for.
>Hey Lourie,
>You should only aim as high as you can manage it :) Decide on a
>reasonable budget for the prizes, then think what else you *can* do
>with the existing team. If there are 2-3 people involved in their
>spare time in organizing WLM, you'll probably need to give up on some
>of the ideas you see on this list.
>Last year's budgets varied from $500 to over 10,000€, so it's really
>impossible to give you an exact figure.
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