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Barbara Fischer barbara.fischer at wikimedia.de
Tue Dec 4 08:18:08 UTC 2012

Hello Santi,

 everybody at the list: allright. I will anyhow go through the orders with
the printer. So it is good if I know what You ordered.

@ Santi: Please let inform the American Chapter and me about the US-winner,
and all contact info You might have on him or her.
I will alter the address for the calendars going to Spain..

thanks / abrazo
Barbara Fischer
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2012/12/4 Santi Navarro <santiagonavarro at wikimedia.org.es>

> Hello!
> I write you from Wikimedia Spain. I'm sorry because we write a little
> late, but in time.
> Finally we want more copies than the 15 free per country and the copies
> for winners.
> We filled in the document, and it is attached. But I prefer to explain
> better the order.
> We need 20 copies extra. So, we should receive 20 copies + 15 free copies
> + 2 copies for winners. But one of the winners (7th place) is from the
> USA, maybe it would be better to send the calendar to WLM USA organization
> and not to Spain.
> Barbara knew our secretary's address, but this time it will be better to
> send them to our chair: Jorge Sierra. The address is also in the order,
> but I copy it here:
> Spain - España
> I attach also our logo to put it at the end of the calendars.
> One question more: is there any possibility to order more calendars these
> days?
> --
> Santiago Navarro
> Wikimedia España
> http://www.wikimedia.org.es/
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