[Wiki Loves Monuments] ordering the the WLM calendar 2013

Barbara Fischer barbara.fischer at wikimedia.de
Sat Dec 1 10:24:38 UTC 2012

Hello all you organizers of WLM,

these days we will announce the international winners that will give their
images to the international WLM calendar. The printing
house<http://www.dieumweltdruckerei.de>is ready for print. You'll find
the order form at ourcommons
to fill in. Please do so, sign it and send it until Tuesday 4th of
December 06:00 GTZ to info at dieumweltdruckerei.de keyword "WLM calendar".

You may enclose Your specific logo, if no logo file is added to the email
to the printing house your copies will show the simple wikimedia logo
<http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Wikimedia_logo_text_RGB.svg>on the last

@WMAT,WMSE;WMDE and WMNL: I have forwarded the orders of WMNL, WMAT, WMSE
and WMDE including their logos to the printing house. But please do confirm
your order never the less to make it formally binding.

For those who feel it will be more efficient to print their copies of the
international WLM calendars in their own countries, we will upload the
printing file the coming week. As soon as the winners are officially

Technical details to the calendars:

   - each calendar is full color 14 pages in A4 landscape
   - each unit comes in an solid envelope ready for sending as post mail
   - It weighs 400 gr and measures 33 X 23 cm each unit
   - The prize per unit is 2.95€ net

It was impossible to calculate the final prize including possible taxes and
freight in for hand as the costs differ to much from country to country and
is related to the number of copies. So this remains a lack of information,
that you will have to complete.I do apologize. When the printing house
(dieUmweltdruckerei) knows the exact number you like to order and the
destination, they will be able to tell you the fare.

All participating countries will receive - thanks to the generous offer of
the printing house dieUmweltdruckerei  - 15 free copies to give them to
whom they may decide and in case one of the international winners is from
their country an extra copy for him or her. If You do not want to have more
copies than those, you do not need to do anything. The calendars will come
to the address that you have told us before hand.

We will start the shipping-process the 8th December. It may take until the
end of the year until the calendars reach you. Please inform us, as soon as
you get them.

In case of any question or remark please feel to turn to me  "Barbara
Fischer" barbara.fischer at wikimedia.de. The orders should be sent directly
to info at dieUmweltdruckerei.de. Please do not forget the key word "WLM

By the way the calendars on top of showing real brilliant photos are
produced under high ecological standards. Wiki loves Monuments and cares
for our climate.

best regards
Barbara Fischer
Kuratorin für Kulturpartnerschaften

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