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Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Fri Nov 25 19:36:16 UTC 2011

Dear all,

I was pointed out recently that the evaluation of next week wasn't entirely
known to everybody, so let me try to make it up to you. I was under the
impression we already discussed it - but it seems I have mixed up some
discussions and lists. My apologies.

As already decided many months ago, we would organize a survey (which I
sent you an email about yesterday - we have already 15 replies, thanks for
those!) and a real life evaluation meeting. As you may understand, we
didn't aim for a similar size and participation like the Berlin meeting
this spring, but a rather smaller meeting with 10-15 people. We were
luckily able to connect it to the 'GLAM'-Camp that is being organized in
Amsterdam 2-4 December, and will be sharing some facilities. We reserved 1
December for this evaluation meeting.

The goals will be aimed towards the future - to guarantuee the best
possible lessons and documentation. We will try to discuss and document the
best ways to organize Wiki Loves Monuments or a similar event, the lessons
we all learned and to draft out some kind of documentation to make
organizing also easier a next time. We will also do a little bit of
brainstorming about possible organization in 2012, but the focus will be
with lessons, discussion and documentation.

In my perfect world (and whether that will be a real world will have to be
determined) we will organize Wiki Loves Monuments again in 2012. In my
perfect world, the scope would be broadened beyond Europe that year. I am
myself willing to make some commitment to organizing WLM in 2012 on an
international level again, if there are enough other people willing to
participate. I have the feeling that material needs (funding etc) will not
be the bottle neck considering the positive reactions we have received so
far. Wikimedia Nederland has at least already reserved some rough budget to
make an international organization again possible. Hopefully more about
that after the evaluation meeting. If you are interested in helping the
international organization however, I do hope you will fill in the survey,
and identify that offer as well. That is the easiest way of collecting that

So being practical: The evaluation meeting will be in the Public Library of
Amsterdam on December 1st. It will be a one day meeting, with some 10-15
people. The exact agenda is still to be set - we will probably base it
somewhat on the outcomes of the survey and a definitive agenda will
therefore not be available very eary unfortunately.

Tomasz has been trying to collect as many issues, topics and ideas as
possible for this meeting on this etherpad:
http://etherpad.wikimedia.org/WLM-2011-summary . You're very much welcomed
to join in and give your suggestions. That also will help identify topics
for the work meeting next Thursday in Amsterdam.

Looking forward to a further fruitful cooperation,

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