[Wiki Loves Monuments] T-Shirts

Strainu strainu10 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 20:37:45 UTC 2011

2011/9/22 Nicole Ebber <nicole.ebber at wikimedia.de>:
> To optimise this for future orders, I'd like to ask you for your input
> and to add your prefered distribution here:
> https://docs.google.com/a/wikimedia.de/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AktMVtuHVA6qdFYwVDBCcEtCWnM1MkNfanlrN2JFR3c#gid=0

Trying to share the T-shirts today, I remebered about this very old
email from Nicole. From what I can see nobody wrote their preferences
so far. Perhaps the people handling the t-shirt distribution will find
the time to complete it based on the sizes the winners demanded, it
would be interesting to see the differences between countries.

Nicole, please leave this spreadsheet online even after WLM is
finished for good, it would be nice to have if for reference in any
t-shirt order.


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