[Wiki Loves Monuments] Selections for the European contest

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Sun May 1 20:16:25 UTC 2011

Hi Nico,

thanks for your email and your interest. These questions have not been
decided upon yet, but they are fair questions. I would even split up the
second in admission criteria and decision criteria. The idea was to decide
at least in the big lines on these questions at the meeting in Berlin in two
weeks time. I do realize however that Wikimedia CH will not be able to send
someone, so I would definitely welcome your and anyones input on this list.
I myself have not taken a strict stand yet.

I also hope that you can send an update about the Swiss organization soon
through this list (in a seperate thread) so that perhaps your point of
starting in the summer is a bit clearer. It would indeed be a pity if due to
miscommunication this couldnt be taken into account! This does not only go
for the european contest, but also for external communication etc.

With kind regards,


2011/5/1 Manoillon <manoillon at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> I'm looking for clarifications regarding the selection of pictures for the
> European contest. Basically, I have 2 concerns :
> 1. the number of pictures to be selected by country
> 2. the selection criteria
> For the second topic, the point is that we will start our local contest in
> summer already and i don't want to have pictures refused on the european
> contest because they where not loaded in September only.
> Thanks for the clarifications,
> Nico
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