[Wiki Loves Monuments] Begin of May update

Maarten Dammers maarten at mdammers.nl
Sun May 1 13:35:17 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

We've been busy so I have a lot of good news :-)

We already have some partners and sponsors for WLM in the Netherlands. 
Last Wednesday we had our first workgroup meeting for Wiki Loves 
Monuments at our shiny new office in Utrecht. We're going to give extra 
attention to "offline" promotion of the project, something we identified 
as a weakness last year. We're also going to organize some local events 
(like last years Wiki Takes Haarlem).

For the European part of Wiki Loves Monuments got in touch with several 
potential partners.
Carare (http://www.carare.eu/) supports us with contacts at the moment.
You might remember by email about Video and Wiki Loves Monuments. I got 
a response from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision: They 
would like to sponsor a European price for video.
This week I got a call from someone from the Counsel of Europe (the 
people organizing the European Heritage days). They're willing to 
support the project. I'm in contact with them to discus how exactly. For 
the Counsel of Europe the European aspect of the project is very important!
As you might know Wikimedia and Europeana have regular contacts. I 
visited them this week to discus several things which included Wiki 
Loves Monuments. They're willing to sponsor the project with a nice 
price and maybe more. One of the things they would like is to somehow 
have a link between the photographs taken as part of WLM and their 
collection. We've discussed several options like a matching game or a 
special focus on Art Nouveau. Any idea or suggestions? This is probably 
one of the things we want to discus in Berlin.

Europa Nostra, Creative Commons, OpenStreetMap and the European Route of 
Industrial Heritage are still on my list. Suggestions on other 
organizations to contact are welcome.

Looking forward to see you guys in Berlin!


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