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Sylvain Machefert smachefert at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 09:43:13 UTC 2011

Hi all,
according to what I had found when working on QR code printing, the minimal
recommended size for QR code is 2x2 centimeters (and at least no less than
1.6x1.6 cm)

But I don't remember where I found it so if someone has a reliable source !

And I agree with Benoit, I think we should work on a same document,
translated in our languages. And the spanish one seems a really good one to
start with.


2011/6/17 Jane Darnell <jane023 at gmail.com>

> Hi Susana,
> I don't know what the recommended size is, but you can fit them into quite
> small spaces, according to the work done in Derby Museum. One of the
> Wikimedia boardmembers in the UK, Roger (Victuallers) is very strong on
> using them in combination with wikipedia articles, Here in Holland the city
> of Alkmaar has started a pilot project putting QR-codes on monuments, but
> they don't (yet) link to Wikipedia articles, just to articles in Dutch from
> the local historical society.
> Our ad for the Europa Nostra magazine has a QR-code on there. I guess the
> idea is to make it big enough for someone to easily wave their telephone
> over. Something like 3 centimeters wide for a flyer maybe? I have seen them
> larger on a poster.
> Jane
> 2011/6/17 Susana Morais <susana.morais at wikimedia.pt>
>> Well, i really didnt know what that was, until yesterday... :) Is there a
>> specific size for that in printed material? I can specify a region for that
>> code and then each country places his own in that region.
>> Susana
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