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 whoops! It totally slipped my mind! I apologize - please feel free to
remind me with this kind of things ;)

Some numbers about WLM 2010 NL:

*About the Netherlands' rijksmonumenten:*
Number of national monuments in the Netherlands ("rijksmonument"): ca 61,000
(52,000 complexes)
        City with most monuments: Amsterdam (>7,300)
        7 city's with over 1000 monuments
        18 city's with over 500
        34 city's with over 250
    ca. 80 city's with over 100 monuments (ivm enkele gemeentelijsten
ertussen niet exact)
*National contest:*
Number of submitted photos: slightly more than 12,500
            of which: 7,854 unique objects
Number of participants: 235
Number of awards: 8 for quality, 3 for quantity
Highest number of unique monuments from one individual: 1368 (second 1346,
third 504)
*Subcontest for Vlissingen (Flushing):*
Number of submitted photos: between 500 & 1000
            unique monuments: ~200
Number of awards: 2, for the series
Seperate jury
*Wiki takes Haarlem: *
No extra awards, 1 day
number of participants: 8
number of resulting photos: 1057

Hits website: ~65,000 in 3 months (Aug-Oct)
Unique visitors website: ~30,000 in 3 months (Aug-Oct)
Press releases: August 30 ("Wiki Loves Monuments: photograph a monument and
win"), November 21 ("12,500 free photos of national monuments for
Press mentions: quite some mentions in regional daily news papers, but also
in local weekly newspapers, relevant blogs (in the cultural heritage sector)
and websites. Considering the low effort put into this, this was a big
result. In total more than 50 mentions.
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