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Hi Nicole,
The text we have currently is limited to what we wrote on the etherpad in
Berlin, and of course our ad that Hay made (it is on page 53 of Europa
Nostra's summer edition of the European Cultural Heritage Review).

The text is here

The printable pdf is here

I don't know if you saw Julia's earlier query on this. Right now all of our
up-to-date info is here:

myself have been thinking hard about what the text should be, and last
Thursday, Austin Hair and I stood behind a table at the Europa Nostra fair
in Amsterdam. It was an interesting afternoon, since a lot of people came to
the table with questions that I would never have dreamed of beforehand, such
as whether I knew about the publicly accessible databases on threatened
monuments, or on monuments in ultra-hard-to-get-to-places, or similar
things. I did my best to get people interested in Wiki Loves Monuments and
the Dutch WP10 birthday celebration this Saturday (though most people coming
to the booth didn't speak Dutch). I printed out all of the winning photos,
plus a few Wikipedia logos (the WLM logo, the puzzle one, the Wikmedia one,
the Commons one, and the WP10 one). I also had printed out a short
explanation how to uplaod a photo, and the jury report from last year. There
were several photographers who came to the booth and wanted to know what the
judging criteria were.

I was sorry I didn't have any flyers, since people really seemed to want
this. Fortunately the booth across from us was giving away the Heritage
magazines, so I told them to bookmark page 53.

I was very happy that I hadn't yet had a chance to give Tomasz's Wikibook on
Chopin to Ziko, because I was using it as a paperweight (we were outside and
it was quite windy). Many people commented on the book and were impressed
that "we" at Wikipedia knew that Chopin was Polish. Fortunately there was a
delegation from Poland who were attracted by the book and after looking at
all the winning pictures got very excited. There was also a fairly large
group of students from the Reinwardt academy in Amsterdam interested in
architecture, many of whom have tons of pictures they could upload. I
realized quite quickly however that it starts sounding very complicated when
you talk about uploading groups of photos to Wikimedia Commons. That is
definitely not the right approach for a casual computer user, which most of
these people were.

The ten winning pictures did get a lot of attention, and when I explained
that each of these is linked to an article on the Dutch Wikipedia, people
seemed eager to learn more. The photo that got the most attention was the
electricity transformer station.

So to summarize, I think the main thing to focus on is the result we hope to
achieve with the contest, namely to gather lots of freely accessible photos
of monuments for use in Wikipedia articles. The best way to get people to
understand what this means is to pick a nice monument photo (or choose one
of the winning ones from last year) and make sure it is linked to an article
on the native Wikipedia. Then you can use that link to send to people in

This page has the links to Dutch articles with the winning photos:

<http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2010>A nice
teaser for the upcoming would be to say how nice it would be to have
pictures on Commons of nearby monuments that aren't there yet. It would also
be nice if more people participated who lived in rural areas, since those
monuments have the least photos on Commons.

Secondary information that is crucial to have is the criteria for judging
the photos (everyone seemed interested in that) and the method used to
upload the photos (especially the older people seemed very skeptical about
being able to do this, though they seemed quite interested).

Hope it gets all of you thinking!

2011/6/15 Nicole Ebber <nicole.ebber at wikimedia.de>

> Hi all,
> I am not sure how the status is here, so please excuse if this was
> already discussed,
> We are planning to create info flyers for participants, partners, and
> other target groups of the contest. In my opinion, it would be best to
> have one international flyer and then adapt it to all other
> languages/countries.
> Wikimedia Deutschland could take care of all the design and printing
> stuff, if some of you can provide texts, images and all necessary
> information. What do you think?
> Best,
> Nicole
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