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Maarten Dammers maarten at mdammers.nl
Wed Dec 14 19:25:22 UTC 2011

Hi Santiago,

Op 13-12-2011 20:34, Santiago Navarro Sanz schreef:
> In Spanish Wikipedia, lists aren't in article namespace, because they 
> are in "Anexos" namespaces. All lists were moved to this space some 
> years ago, and we shouldn't move them to the main space.
I know. You have a dedicated namespace for lists, so of course your 
lists should be there. I believe they have the same setup in 
Portuguese.  I meant the Wikipedia's where the lists are a bit hidden:
* Belarus (be-x-old) in Wikipedia namespace
* Estonia (et) in Wikipedia namespace
* Norway (no )in Wikipedia namespace
* Poland (pl) in Wikiproject namespace
* Russia (ru) in Wikipedia namespace

I'm afraid that over time, when Wiki Loves Monuments is over, these 
lists will be neglected or worse. Something I doubt will happen if 
they're part of the main encyclopedia.

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