[Wiki Loves Monuments] Winners Wiki loves Monuments 2011 are known! (and request for translation)

Bas vb bas_v_b at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 8 17:11:18 UTC 2011

Hello Yaroslav, 
I think translating the image descriptions would be the best to do, then indeed I think it's a case of copying those translations. 
I'm currently trying to get English translations on everything, so that after that translations into all languages can be made. 
English translations are needed on: Spain and Romanian, also the Estonian and Portugese could use some more extended translations.


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> Subject: Re: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Winners Wiki loves Monuments 2011 are	known! (and request for translation)
> On Thu, 8 Dec 2011 17:37:18 +0100, Bas vb <basvb_wikipedia at live.nl> wrote:
> > Hello Everybody, 
> > The winners from Wiki loves monuments 2011 can be found at
> > https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2011_winners
> > It would be nice if everybody could translate this page into their local
> > language, and as well translate the descriptions for each picture and
> add
> > those to the image pages and the big winnerpage in you language.
> > another thing is articles on these monuments, I would love it when
> > articles on the monuments would be written in many languages, maybe an
> idea
> > to make a small contest (for the honourable mentions) from that for
> > Wikipedians in the gap between WLM 2011 and say until june 2012. 
> > What do you think about something like that?
> > Mvg,
> > Bas
> Is there any way the page can substitute the translations from the file
> pages (where they are available)? Otherwise we would need to do double
> work, translating first the page and then the captions.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
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