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Fri Apr 15 21:23:21 UTC 2011

 Hi everyone,

just another update on where we are with organizing Wiki Loves Monuments for
2011 :) It is a lengthy report, so I will first give a very short glance
over the topics. First, I will try to give an understanding where we are
with the workshop in Berlin. I will give a short overview of which countries
are participating, and discuss some of the details and discussion topics.
Finally, I will try to give for each country that expressed interest a short
overview of what I know of their status. I would like to ask you to add
anything relevant I might have forgotten. I put it at the bottom, so you can
skip the countries you don't like ;-) Please at least check your own!



= May Meeting / Workshop =
>From 13 - 15 May there will be an international workshop/meeting [1] for the
coordination on a European level. We would like to see attendees from all
participating countries. Unfortunately there is a limit of 25 people, so
please keep your delegation limited to 2 per country.

All practical information is or will be available through [1]. The currently
confirmed attending countries are: Estonia, Finland, France, (Germany),
Netherlands, Poland. Still awaiting reply at least from: Spain, Austria,
Portugal, Sweden (and all countries not confirmed to participate the
contest). Switzerland is unfortunately not able to send someone due to time

If your organization/chapter is not able to cover the travel costs, please
just get in touch with me. We will most likely be able to find another
chapter to help you cover the costs (Wikimedia Polska is generously already
supporting Estonia, and we have had some other offers)

Topics to be discussed: Please see [1] for a brainstorm. Somewhere this
weekend I will try to iron out a bit of a clearer list of topics, but your
input is needed for that! Please give it, even if it is only "I agree with
everything" on the talkpage :)

= Participating countries =
Based on the information available on Wikimedia Commons [2], the following
countries will be participating: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,
Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Unclear: Andorra, Belarus, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
Norway, Ukrain, United Kingdom

Please contact us (via this list ideally) as soon as possible if you have
any information about the "unclear" category of countries :) If you
definitely will not participate, we also would like to know. If I forgot any
country, please let us know too.

= Other topics =
== Logo contest ==
Delphine launched a logo contest last week, and the number of submissions is
astonishing! Thanks a lot everybody, it is great to see such enthusiasm.
More information and voting (starting April 17): [3]

== Mailing lists ==
Some countries have created their own mailing list you can join for local
discussions, please do so! If you would like a mailing list for your country
organization, Wikimedia Nederland has offered to create one for you. Current
existing mailing lists (please add if we forgot one): Spain (
http://lists.wmnederland.nl/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/wlm-es), Netherlands (
Poland (link?)
** Tools (Maarten, can you help?)

== Tooling ==
The big monuments database [
at the Toolserver is slowly expanding. It currently has 13 sources of
information. More work needs to be done to make this data easily accessible.
Requirements and progess is documented at
We need more people to help! Your help would be very much appreciated. We
will work on tooling at the meeting in Berlin too, but most important is
that you share what you are doing! Please communicate if you work on
something. We try to make everything scalable to all participating European

= Overview per country =
Please note this information is based on (by definition) outdated and
incomplete data. Add any information I might have forgotten please. I'll
keep it short. The full progress table is available on [
please update that as well when something is outdated! Especially the
contacts are very helpful.

Just to be clear: I am thrilled about all the work being done! The overview
below is mainly focussing on the problems, so please dont take that the
wrong way :) I am so happy to see everything happening everywhere! Just know
that we love to help where we can, and advise where needed.

== Andorra ==
Likely to participate with the help from our friends from Amical! Wonderful
news, just another country. To be confirmed.

== Austria ==
Austria is working hard on their lists (see
- a lot of work still to be done. This work is being done from their
"denkmal projekt" and not just related to WLM. Help is likely appreciated.
Uclear what the status of WLM-organization and cooperations with partners
is. WLM page on Commons is still a red link.

== Denmark ==
Working with their potential partners to see what is possible. Checking out
any legal issues. Seem to have complete lists already (?). Some links on
Commons would be helpful! The number of volunteers is still low, so I think
help is appreciated.

== Estonia ==
Seems to be going well - group of active volunteers, but it is unclear what
the status is of lists, partners etc. Anyone can add more info?

== Finland ==
Has addresses and a number of geo coordinates available - is working out
with the government partner now what data they can get and use for WLM. No
link yet to project pages, will send one representative to Berlin. Please
add project page.

== France ==
Work is being done, and volunteers are being enthusiast. It is unclear what
exactly the status is, but at the General Meeting some weeks ago, there was
apparently a fruitful discussion. JF, care to give a short update perhaps?

== Germany ==
The list of volunteers enthusiast about it, is growing. The chapter is
supporting the organization actively, so that is promiseful. The main worry
is the huge amount of monuments in the country, combined with the
decentralized structure of list keeping. Much work to be done to collect the
lists. Progress depends a lot on the state.

== Netherlands ==
Lists are already finished from last year. Contacts laid with several
partners, one of them offered to do PR for us, others want to help in other
ways. Meeting with volunteers somewhere in the coming weeks.

== Poland ==
Still working with the government to get useful lists available. Contacting
potential partners for cooperations. Exact status unclear, bottle neck with
the raw data.

== Portugal ==
Lists are there, addresses are still missing. Working on getting the right
partners/sponsors, and getting a good online environment (tools). Also
preparing the website and rules.

== Spain ==
Two organizations working on this, Wikimedia España and Amical - hopefully
in good harmony. Exact model still unclear. Spain is the only participating
country with European heritage days in October. Setting up a multilingual
system, and some regions are more complete than others.

== Sweden ==
Indicated to participate, but haven't heard much about it. Still mainly in
the preperatory phase.

== Switzerland ==
There are monument lists, completeness is unclear. Monuments have already
been added to the monument database including geo location. Seems quite well

[2]: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2011
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