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Mon Apr 4 15:22:45 UTC 2011

By the way, Euroregions often have fonds for cross border activities
with regard to cultural affairs. Maybe nice for WLM conventions in
border regions. As far as I know the Euregion where I live in (EUREGIO
Gronau) has problems to spend its money for those cultural activities
including Germans and Dutch.

Kind regards


2011/4/1 Lars Aronsson <lars at aronsson.se>:
> On March 28, Tomasz Kozłowski wrote:
>> Some users on the Polish Wikipedia have already started adding
>> coordinates to monuments located near their locations (example:
>> <http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedysta:Tommy_Jantarek/Zabytki_wielkopolski>).
> I'm sorry for being a little behind on this project.
> Do we have or do we need a clear definition of
> what "monunments" are? Apparently memorial stones,
> statues, and buildings. But only man-made things?
> Or also remarkable trees and cliffs? Should also
> entire gardens or cities be included in the lists?
> Is the castle of Versailles one monument or a
> large system of many monuments? Is there a lower
> limit for how insignificant things can be included?
> Do we include individual milestones? (I'm referring
> to actual milestones, by the roadside.) Or is
> there some "notability" requirement?
> Do we need a standard way to indicate types
> of monuments? Some sort of ontology or
> controlled vocabulary? Do heritage instutitions
> already have a classification that we can reuse?
> Are existing categories on Commons sufficient?
> Should each monument have its own category
> on Commons? If it is a monument, I guess we
> can expect to get more than one photo of it.
> Is there a standard way to add geo coordinates
> and object type to categories on Commons?
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