[Wiki-offline-reader-l] Kiwix for Android released!

Emmanuel Engelhart kelson at kiwix.org
Thu Apr 18 08:36:20 UTC 2013


Wikimedia CH has sponsored a long Kiwix Hackathon (and the WMF two
tablets) and there is the result, the first version of Kiwix (and also
the first ZIM reader) for Android:

It’s very easy to use:
* Download the app from the Google Play Store, and launch it;
* Click on the “Open” button, select a ZIM file from the list (from your
device or SD card);
* That’s it! You’re already browsing offline content.

If you don’t already have a ZIM file of Wikipedia, Kiwix leads you to
its online repository so you can download one:

You can also use any of the Books created on Wikipedia:

Being a mobile version of a feature-rich desktop software, the Android
version is lightweight. It provides access to the most essential
features: opening and reading a ZIM file, search with auto-completion on
article titles, in-page search, random navigation, zoom in & out.

More details in the Wikimedia Blog post:


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