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  I have released the first beta of Kiwix 0.9. Binaries for Win32,
  MacOSX, Ubuntu (PPA) are available, like the source code. You may
  download them from Sourceforge or Kiwix Web site.

  This took us almost 9 months to prepare this release... what is really
  a long time between two dev. releases. But a lot of things were done
  * the Mac OSX port,
  * the integrated content/download manager,
  * the new search user interface.

  Behind the scene, we newly integrate:
  * aria2c to deal with downloads/uploads,
  * ctpp2 as a template engine,
  * pugixml as xml parser,
  ... and rebanped the whole set of compilation scripts.

  Here is the CHANGELOG:
  * Remove a hard coded path in kiwix-compact.sh (ID: 3135956)
  * Avoid the flickering during mouseover links after canceling the
  * Under Windows, installer adds now shortcuts to all users
  * Force loading no plugin to avoid any problem (with libmoon for
  * Under Windows, the displayed (disk) "space required" value is now
  correct in the installer
  * kiwix-index backend argument is now an option and set as "xapian" 
  * Fix regressions responsible for lower case titles in result list 
  * Implement the HTTP 404 error in kiwix-serve
  * Fix a small bug in the indexing code to avoid forgetting around 100
  articles per ZIM file
  * Disable DNS prefetching for external links
  * New locales: Polish, Dutch
  * Open a ZIM file directly from the command line
  * Gnome and KDE integration: mime-type recognition + icon & 
  associations (ZIM double-click feature)
  * New checksum checker to be able to check ZIM file integrity
  * A list of ZIM files to download is dynamicaly downloaded in the help
  page if user online (ID: 3165272)
  * Simplification and improvment of the searchbar (no search button
  anymore, always available, standardized, ...)
  * New Find-in-text bar (like in firefox, at the bottom), to replace 
  * Result sidebar removed and replaced by a result web page "a la
  * Usage of jar files for a quicker startup
  * Kiwix for Mac OSX
  * kiwix-serve CPU usage improvement (ID: 3213104)
  * Update the Window title by switching the tabs
  * New integrated content manager/downloader
  * Introduction of Desktop notifications (ID: 3315162)
  * New way to open link in new tab with shortcuts or drag&drop (ID:
  * Option to change the profile directory


  The most important, we have done the mandatory work to setup a
  decentralized solution to spread/share content (ZIM Files).
  We still do not use all the power offered by the Metalink tech... but
  we will (we still need new mirrors, please contact us if you may setup

  As a result almost all features we wanted to introduce for 0.9 are now
  there and we plan now to use the next beta and RC releases to fix bugs
  (I'm sure we will detect also a few regressions) and polish the
  software. 0.9 Final release should be there for Christmas in the worth

  More people than usual helped me to prepare this version, I want
  especially to thank:
  * Tomasz and Ryan, from the WMF, for the big support and together 
  * Renaud for the OSX port,
  * Testers which were for the first time really involved and help us so
  much with their remarks.


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