[Wiki-offline-reader-l] Kiwix 0.9 beta5 is out!

Emmanuel Engelhart emmanuel at engelhart.org
Wed Dec 28 09:17:59 UTC 2011


We have released a new beta of the 0.9 branch. This beta fixes mainly many
issues related to Windows, especially with Windows7. Here the complete
CHANGELOG fromhttp://changelog.kiwix.org:

* FIXED: letton language menu item (ID: 3439113)
* FIXED: Duplicates in publisher&  language filters in the content 
manager (ID: 3439108)
* FIXED: Many localisation files which were broken due to a buggy script 
(ID: 3440627)
* FIXED: Wrong behaviour in case of two different portable kiwix 
consecutive runs (ID: 3442083)
* FIXED: Different issues relative to ISO language codes (ID: 3439293)
* FIXED: On Windows, Media Defender complain about chp.exe (ID: 3389953)
* FIXED: Rendering issue when displaying two notifications consecutivly: 
only the last one was displayed.
* FIXED: Windows default install directory (to match standarts)
* FIXED: Missing Kiwix shortcuts menu entry on Win7 Application menu 
(ID: 3456428)
* FIXED: Buggy permission eskalation in Windows 7 installer (ID: 3442074)
* FIXED: Buggy behaviour if you close the last tab (ID: 3459365)
* FIXED: Double-checked menu items in language/skin menus in case of 
abandoned restart process
* FIXED: Few UI bugs related to the navigation history management (ID: 
* FIXED: Regression impacting reading of splitted big (more than 4GB) 
ZIM files (ID: 3463001)
* NEW: New supported user interface languages: Czech (cs), Upper Sorbian 
   Cyrillic Tatar (tt-cyrl), Lower Sorbian (dsb), Hindi (hi), Gujarati 
(gu), Tamil (ta),
   Georgian (ka), Estonian (et), Bulgarian (bg), Lithuanian (lt), Oriya 
(or), Slovak (sk)
* NEW: Switch off automatically library if loading random article
* NEW: In the library, pressing<ENTER>  in your local library directly 
open the file
* NEW: Greying "Load random article" menu entry if no content is loaded 
(ID: 3439112)
* NEW: Add the support of the "publisher" ZIM Metadata
* NEW: Improved library menus rendering (ID: 3439109)
* NEW: Improved code and documentation of kiwix-manage
* NEW: In library, option to keep ZIM file during content deletion (ID: 
* NEW: "Copy Link Address" in contextual menu for external links (ID: 
* NEW: Security code to avoid "displaying" main window outside the 
screen (ID: 3415334)
* NEW: "First" and "Last" arrows in the search result page (ID: 3442313)
* NEW: Download ZIM files directly from HTTP - without using metalink 
(ID: 3450237)
* NEW: Ctrl+ modifier to Home, Back and Forward buttons to branch to new 
tabs (ID: 3459481)
* NEW: Windows installer Silent Mode (with command line option /S)
* NEW: Improved Windows User Interface (by tunning the CSS)
* NEW: Port of console tools kiwix-index, kiwix-manage and kiwix-install 
for Windows

Please test as much as possible the following points:
* Windows installer with non-admin users permissions
* Kiwix on Windows7 and Vista
* New console tools on Windows

* Kiwix at https://sourceforge.net/projects/kiwix/files/0.9_beta5/
* Content at http://www.kiwix.org

Report bugs and request features at:

Stay tune at:

Emmanuel Engelhart

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