[Wiki-offline-reader-l] Kiwix 0.9 beta2 released

emmanuel at engelhart.org emmanuel at engelhart.org
Thu Aug 18 12:16:22 UTC 2011


 We have released the second beta of Kiwix 0.9. This dev. release fixes 
 a lot of annoying bugs which were impacting the usability ; part of them 
 were regressions introduced by the (big) beta1 release done 2 weeks ago.

 Here is the changelog:
 * Regression fix, tabs should not be visible per default
 * Fixed deprecated tmp.kiwix.org/zim links in help files (ID: 3376641)
 * Now able to load on GNU/Linux with the command line ZIM files with " 
 " in their path
 * Add menuitem File > Browse Library (ID: 3377139)
 * Avoid segfault by bookmarks pointing to a missing ZIM file (ID: 
 * Bookmarks now compatible with multizim
 * Fixed the searchindex assignement problem if the current ZIM file is 
 changed during indexing process (ID: 3377136)
 * Fixed broken locales it and ar
 * Fixed OSX crashes if previous ZIM was gone (ID: 3243147)
 * Fixed regression with not always 100% visible close tab button (ID: 
 * Fixed issue occuring by installing PPA 0.9 beta1 over alpha7 fails 
 (ID: 3377130)
 * Fixed drag zim file on Kiwix icon in OSX Dock (ID: 3315167)
 * Fixed drag zim on Kiwix window in OSX (ID: 3385313)
 * Fixed fullscreen shortcut for OSX now compliant to standard (ID: 
 * Avoid the possibility to open an external url in a new kiwix tab 
 (does not make sense)
 * Implement ctrl+w keyboard shortcut to close the current tab
 * Implement ctrl+W keyboard shortcut to close all tabs
 * Close all tabs before opening new ZIM file, avoid weird situations 
 (ID: 3372140)
 * Fixed tabs behavior
 * FullScreen support for Tabs
 * Revamped Tabs UI on Linux, OSX and Windows
 * Introduce/Improve keyboard shortcuts behaviour for a better scrolling 
 experience (ID: 3389521)
 * Fixed problem with not working content manager on Windows installed 
 instances of Kiwix (ID: 3385476)
 * Fixed regression: scroll is funky on OSX (ID: 3385602)
 * Fixed a regression impacting javascript links


 Most of the work were done during Wikimania in Haifa.
 Next release (so beta3) will take a little bit longer.

 Please test this release intensively and report any bugs or feature 
 * http://reportabug.kiwix.org
 * http://requestafeature.kiwix.org

 We also still need to increase the size of our test team, so join us at 
 kiwix-testing at lists.sourceforge.net


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