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Manuel Schneider manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch
Wed Dec 2 19:22:36 UTC 2009

Hi Jimbo,

we decided at Wikimania that general Wikipedia Offline discussion will 
be moved to offline-l at lists.wikimedia.org.
Individual mailinglists for the projects working on that still exist 
like dev-l at openzim.org for the ZIM file format or wikireader at laptop.org 
of OLPC.

Concerning project status:

openZIM has defined a stable ZIM format version 4 beginning this year 
and implemented the most part of it as a sample / reference 
implementation. This contains a C++ library used in some products such 
as Kiwix and derivates (such as MoulinWiki).

In Summer 2009 we published a DVD with the whole German Wikipedia (900k 
articles in 1.3 G) as a demonstration release.

Just a week ago we had our second developers meeting and defined a 
(hopefully last) stable version 5 of ZIM.
(report not yet ready)

A new software branch has been created and we are working now on the 
implementation. This version will have some additional features that are 
mostly not crucial, but very helpful for more powerful readers and - in 
contrary - some improvements for very small devices. But these 
improvements on memory footprint and cpu power are more based on 
implementation than on the format itself.

Tomasz Finc participated at the Developers Meeting we just had, he can 
give you a direct overview and answer your question personally.
He will help us to set up the regular ZIM export for download.wikimedia.org.

Some words from me at Wikimania can be seen here:



Jimmy Wales schrieb:
> Have we moved this conversation to a central mailing list?
> I'm planning a meeting with executives at Educ.ar in Buenos Aires on 
> December 10th.  Is there something I can demonstrate to them at that 
> time?  How can I help?
> --Jimbo
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Manuel Schneider

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