[Wiki-offline-reader-l] Wikipedia 0.5 en: and Kiwix

Emmanuel Engelhart emmanuel.engelhart at wikimedia.fr
Tue Jul 3 08:18:00 UTC 2007


This mailing-list is unfortunately not active, but is a good mirror to
my opinion of the static content activity at the foundation level.
Consequently, we all cook on his side his software to achieve to
publish on DVD.

But, the french and english speaking communities work now together and
use and will use the same software to publish their WP1 selections on

This software is called kiwix : http://www.kiwix.org

It is a small software, an embeded browser with an efficient search
engine, developed by a french company.

A first test-release was done in February and you can buy or download
the result on http://www.wikipediaondvd.com

This company will support the further devs. and commercializations. It
provides also, in many languages, the search engine for Wikipedia
content Wikiwix: http://www.wikiwix.com

We believe that this software has a future and are ready to help
everyone with a serious publication project.

Best regards


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