[Wiki-offline-reader-l] Hi Everybody

Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Mon Jun 12 20:13:20 UTC 2006


Good idea, but just a recommandation generally... avoid Subject such as 
"hi everybody".

Looks like spam... :-)


Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:

>I'm Emmanuel Engelhart, member of Wikimedia France board.
>I aim publishing Wikipedia in French.
>We are a few persons who try to manage to do that.
>I personally :
>- wrote an offline-reader requirement document
>- program the scripts to build the document repository
>- want to build the index with Xapian (I want to try CLucene too)
>I need some help to :
>- make a perfect mirror of wikipedia locally, I have a problem to import all  
>- make a GUI over the document repository & index, I'm not a GUI programer ; 
>Qt, GTK, XPFE programer needed ;-)
>To my opinion it's possible to present a simple offline-reader for Wikimania.
>So join Wiki-offline-reader-l at wikimedia.org if you're interested.
>Best wishes 

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