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Emmanuel Engelhart emmanuel at engelhart.org
Sun Aug 20 11:29:33 UTC 2006

Hi Zuir DJ,

your story confirms what almost all of us know : we need an offline-reader as 
soon as possible with at least :
- good looking articles -> HTML dump
- a search engine

I work on one and will release the code at least until 6 weeks.

I will made an anoucement on this ML. 

If you are interested in the requirements document, I can send it to you... 
but it's in french.

Best regards,


PS: Sorry for the big approvement delay.

Le Lundi 24 Juillet 2006 05:31, Zuir DJ a écrit :
> On 7/232/06, Samuel Klein <meta.sj at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Emmanuel :
> >
> > A simple offline reader ready in time for wikimania would be
> > excellent.  What language are you working in?  Is there a public code
> > repository?
> >
> > Some people at One Laptop per Child are working on an offline
> > reader/writer for mediawiki style dumps in python; this will be used
> > to read ebooks, other texts, and wiki dumps... perhaps some coding
> > collaboration is possible, where the specific specs of different
> > projects overlap.
> >
> > SJ
> Hi!
> I don't have technical skills (even-english-writing-skills), but want
> to share my adventures :-)
> Last November i was invited by Gleducar and the organizers of V
> Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre, a congress organized by FLOSS
> community in Rosario, Argentina, to speak about wikimedia projects.
> Gleducar is an argentine association who promotes the collaborative
> knowledge construction, using MediaWiki to create free content for
> schools [1].
> To take advantage of my visit, argentine wikipedians organized a
> meetup [2] [3]. We discussed about the project and searched help from
> Gleducar and FLOSS community to create a Wikipedia CD version in
> spanish. Last year, Chilean and Argentine governments started a new
> project called "My First PC", a plan aiming to create a cheaper
> personal computer that low-income people could purchase. An OhMyNews
> report said [4] :
> "The plan, in the same vein as those adopted by India and Malaysia,
> which have reported having success with theirs, was not very welcome
> in Chile. The reason for the anger is that "My First PC" incorporates
> Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition, making the license price 20
> percent of the total price of the computer. Open-source defenders say
> that you can get a better operating system for free. "My First PC"
> also includes the Encarta Encyclopedia, tacking on another 12 percent.
> Critics say users could save their money if they use, for example,
> Wikipedia, or search for information on the Internet."
> As a response to the bloggers and media support, we thought that could
> be a great idea to search a solution to create the spanish CD version.
> In the meetup we evaluated the germany version, that I saw at 'mania
> 05, and we didn't like it. We thought that our solution would not have
> to be based in a LAMP-like technology, and we preferred a simple HTML
> static dump. Finally, we found Tim Starling's static dumps [5] [6].
> Tim's solution is just what we needed, but it doesn't have a search
> engine included. That dump can be navigable offline by any web
> browser. If you do a wget of that site now, and burn a CD with the
> contents, you have a Wikipedia CD version, including the images from
> Commons. Tim hasn't made any new dump since November 2005. You can
> navigate this dump, for example in french, here [7]. Since then, we
> are searching any solutions [8].  We count with Pilaf, the creator of
> Live Preview, that Lupin uses in his popups tool, as a technical
> member. Also Educalibre, a chilean Gleducar-like project, is working
> with us.
> Gleducar has made a static dump test and has burn it, with success.
> But we are stopped by the search engine! We thought in a javascript
> solution, maybe AJAX. I found an online wikipedia browser called
> Gollum [9] (GPL, but they don't have a downloadable version) that uses
> AJAX for autodiscover articles name in the search field. I like Gollum
> and maybe it will be a great tool for a Wikipedia CD version. Now we
> have more interest, because argentine FLOSS comunnity is working with
> a OLPC laptop prototype, and they are developing social and
> educational projects for its use in those laptops. Maybe an OEPC in
> spanish could be a great project.
> We know that we will need the WMF help at certain moment, and we won't
> publish any solution before discussing it with spanish community, SPC
> and WMF.
> Well, we will continue our searching and will helping you as much as
> possible.
> Kindly regards
> [1] http://www.gleducar.org.ar
> [1]
> http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Encuentros/Encuentro_de_Wikipedistas
>_en_Rosario_2005 [2]
> http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usuario:Zuirdj/Rosario_2005
> [3]
> http://english.ohmynews.com/ArticleView/article_view.asp?menu=A11100&no=243
>756&rel_no=1&back_url= [4]
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Parsers#A_non-parser_dumper
> [5] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Static_dumps
> [6] http://static.wikipedia.org/fr/index.html
> [7] http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_en_CD
> [8] http://gollum.easycp.de/en/0,,00.html

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