[Translators-l] Possibly disabling some AggregateGroups

Nick Wilson (Quiddity) nwilson at wikimedia.org
Thu Apr 13 20:19:45 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Re: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:AggregateGroups
That page takes a long time to load on my old machine.
I'm wondering if I can/should just boldly disable(delete) some of the older

Or, are these AggregateGroups still useful to you as translators, even
though the content is {{historical}} ?

"GLAMing Madrid Challenge",
"Program Capacity and Learning",
"Research Labs2",
"Stewards elections 2015",
"Wikimedia Foundation elections 2013",
"Wikimedia Foundation elections 2015",
"Wikipedia 15".

That's all I can see that's obviously outdated.
Removing those few won't reduce the size of the Special page by much, but I
suspect it is useful cleanup to do regardless. I just don't want to
overlook a use-case!

Thanks for your input :)

Nick Wilson (Quiddity)
Community Liaison, WMF
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