[Translators-l] Some messages for New Readers consultation

Joe Sutherland jsutherland at wikimedia.org
Sat Oct 22 00:33:23 UTC 2016

Greetings, translators! I hope your week's gone or going well. :)

We're about to launch a consultation on meta building off the New Readers
work we are doing. We have a very short message we'd like to use for

The actual consultation page might go through some more changes so I
haven't marked it for translation just yet. There is, however, a little box
that we'd love some help with. That is located here:

If you would like to, it would be great to translate these for use next
week and throughout the discussion.

Really appreciate all you do - have an awesome weekend!


*Joe Sutherland*
Community Advocate
Wikimedia Foundation
joesutherland.rocks | @jrbsu <http://twitter.com/jrbsu>
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