[Translators-l] Urgent: Translating security message

James Alexander jalexander at wikimedia.org
Sat Nov 12 22:48:24 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I apologize for the short notice but if anyone has a couple minutes to help
translate a security message it would be great. We've been having some
security  issues over the past couple days with compromised accounts and we
want to make sure we get the message out to admins as much as possible.

You can find the message for translation on meta at:

I've also copied the text below for your benefit and if easier feel free to
reply to me and I can enter it in as well.


*James Alexander*
Manager, Trust & Safety


We are currently experiencing compromises of privileged wiki accounts by an
unknown and unauthorized third party. It appears that this may be the
result of weak or reused passwords.

Community members are working along with members of multiple teams at the
Foundation to address this issue.

In the meantime, we are asking that everyone review the passwords that they
have chosen for their wiki accounts. If you know that you've chosen a weak
password, or if you've chosen a password that you are also using or a
non-wiki account, please change those passwords.

Select strong passwords -- eight or more characters long, and containing
letters, numbers, and punctuation.
James Alexander
Manager, Trust & Safety
Wikimedia Foundation
415-839-6885 x6716 @Jamesofur
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