[Translators-l] Translations needed: Major maintenance in mid-April

Whatamidoing (WMF)/Sherry Snyder ssnyder at wikimedia.org
Wed Mar 23 18:43:50 UTC 2016

Please translate https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tech/Server_switch_2016

This is about a major maintenance project for the Wikimedia servers.  *All*
of the WMF sites will be in read-only mode for about half an hour – twice –
during the week of 18 April 2016.  It will be possible to read everything,
but not possible to edit anything, during that time.

This project could be postponed (again) in case of technical problems.
However, I believe that this is the final version.

I have not invalidated any of the previous translations.  This means that
some languages that are marked as "finished" are outdated, particularly for
the item that includes the time of day.  (If you'd prefer, I can change
that, but I didn't want to discard anyone's previous work.)

Also, I have included several timezones in one message.  Not everyone seems
to find UTC time convenient, and I want every editor to know when this is
happening.  In your translations, please feel free to discard any that are
likely to be irrelevant to most people who speak your language, and to add
any new ones.

Thank you.  I really do appreciate your help with this.

Whatamidoing (WMF)/Sherry Snyder
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
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