[Translators-l] MediaWiki rollback: Last minute Tech News changes

Johan Jönsson jjonsson at wikimedia.org
Mon Feb 1 19:12:50 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

The latest version of MediaWiki was rolled back this weekend (Saturday
or Sunday depending on where you are in the world), and they just
decided how to handle this week's version:

I have removed one item, removed half a sentence from one item and
added third which explains that the last version has been removed, to
make sure the newsletter has this important information. I'm now going
to do two things:

*) Go through the translations and see if I can figure out what part
of the sentence to remove from the existing translations, to see if I
can replace the now English text with your translations.
*) Add an (English) explanation to the non-translated item that this
was added without giving the translators a decent chance to translate

If you read this before I'm through with this process, you're very
welcome to translate these items. I'm going to send another email to
this list when I start the process of sending out the newsletter.

My apologies.

//Johan Jönsson

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