[Translators-l] Tvaring links to the local version of an article when it exists

mathieu stumpf guntz psychoslave at culture-libre.org
Wed Dec 7 10:11:36 UTC 2016

Ok, thank you for the recommendation. :)

Le 06/12/2016 à 17:43, Philippe Verdy a écrit :
> If the link is translatable to map to a relevant article in each 
> language, don't put it in a tvar at all, let translators adapt it 
> (note that it's not just the name of the article, it could be another 
> name for a more general article, with an anchor to a section.
> The alternative would be to use some wikidata querying template, but I 
> fear that this template will be very specific to the wiki where it 
> will be used and where it is implemented.
> Keep things simple in that case:
> You may use a tvar only if the link is static or points to the same 
> international wiki (that has translations such as Meta, Common or 
> MediaWiki) which implements the translate extension, by using a 
> "Special:MyLanguage/" prefix before the article link (it will resolve 
> to the local page name translated in the viewer's language (or at 
> least a fallback language).
> For other cases, don't use any tvar, keep the link adaptable by 
> translators (if they need to), avoid using any local template in your 
> tvar, that would work only in one wiki.
> 2016-12-06 10:36 GMT+01:00 mathieu stumpf guntz 
> <psychoslave at culture-libre.org <mailto:psychoslave at culture-libre.org>>:
>     how should I prepare a link like  [[:en:UTF-8|UTF-8]] with tvar ?
>     The easy way is [[<tvar|link>:en:UTF-8</>|UTF-8]], I guess.
>     But it would be better if the link would lead to the localized
>     wikipedia article if it does exist, but fallback on the original
>     otherwise. Such a behaviour is in fact rather tricky to perform,
>     and I'm little stuck there, trying to misc. combination of
>     "{{#translation:}}" and "Special:MyLanguage/". Maybe some magic
>     keyword jedi master might help here? :)
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