[Translators-l] Tvaring links to the local version of an article when it exists

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 6 16:43:46 UTC 2016

If the link is translatable to map to a relevant article in each language,
don't put it in a tvar at all, let translators adapt it (note that it's not
just the name of the article, it could be another name for a more general
article, with an anchor to a section.
The alternative would be to use some wikidata querying template, but I fear
that this template will be very specific to the wiki where it will be used
and where it is implemented.

Keep things simple in that case:

You may use a tvar only if the link is static or points to the same
international wiki (that has translations such as Meta, Common or
MediaWiki) which implements the translate extension, by using a
"Special:MyLanguage/" prefix before the article link (it will resolve to
the local page name translated in the viewer's language (or at least a
fallback language).

For other cases, don't use any tvar, keep the link adaptable by translators
(if they need to), avoid using any local template in your tvar, that would
work only in one wiki.

2016-12-06 10:36 GMT+01:00 mathieu stumpf guntz <
psychoslave at culture-libre.org>:

> how should I prepare a link like  [[:en:UTF-8|UTF-8]] with tvar ?
> The easy way is [[<tvar|link>:en:UTF-8</>|UTF-8]], I guess.
> But it would be better if the link would lead to the localized wikipedia
> article if it does exist, but fallback on the original otherwise. Such a
> behaviour is in fact rather tricky to perform, and I'm little stuck there,
> trying to misc. combination of "{{#translation:}}" and
> "Special:MyLanguage/". Maybe some magic keyword jedi master might help
> here? :)
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