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Tue Sep 29 17:13:36 UTC 2015

2015. 9. 29. 오후 10:10에 "Jessica Robell" <jrobell at wikimedia.org>님이 작성:
> Dear translators,
> As many of you know, the Wikimedia Foundation run fundraising campaigns
worldwide. We strive to localize our campaigns and create high quality
messages in a variety of languages. I would like to send out a warm thank
you to those of you who have provided support and helped us translate
fundraising messages into your language. Your help and support is most
> We are always interested in receiving local feedback regarding our
campaigns and learn how we can improve our messaging. In order to do so,
our aim is to create a panel of 'local experts' who can help us answer
questions and provide feedback regarding localization. If you are
interested in becoming part of such a group and provide feedback regarding
your country, culture or language, please take one minute to fill in this
quick form.

I don't think you guys don't need Korean one since you apparently disabled
fundraising in S.Korea? (Checked in June and early Sept, both times "no
thanks WMF don't want your $$$".) ;P

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