[Translators-l] Content translators needed for a user study on article recommendations

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2015. 9. 26. 오전 7:57에 "Philippe Verdy" <verdy_p at wanadoo.fr>님이 작성:
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> If you live in a country where all this activity is legal and protected
by law or constitution, and freedom of speech is not severely limited,
every activity you in OSM while respecting the controbutor terms, licences,
and reasonnable etiquette when speaking to someone else via the public
discussion channels; and don't stole data you are not permitted to copy,
you should be proud of contributing and you should never beware personnally
of spies looking at your activity. However you should just care about
protecting the common project itself in a collective sense so that what you
contribute will not cause personal problems to others (personally or
collectively); discussions channels can be used to decide collectively what
to share or not in those data to help define some common policy (which may
need to evolve over time due to possible new threats). We don't run OSM to
create new threats against people, but to help them.

Uhm? "Wikimedia Foundation" does not run OpenStreetMap. "The OpenStreetMap
Foundation" does. Whatever, your reply (and mine) are not related to this
discussion - Content translator for a user study.

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