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Amir E. Aharoni amir.aharoni at mail.huji.ac.il
Tue Mar 3 19:51:09 UTC 2015

Thank you so much for asking this and being considerate of translators so
early in the process! This should be done always :)

* Stack: The same word as for "heap" is usually used. I asked another
person and checked a dictionary. If it's important to denote that it's neat
I could think of some ways.
* Boards: Easy to translate. Would the same that is used in Flow work?
* Set: There are several words depending on context, but not very
challenging. As always, good explanation of context is important (it's
called "qqq" in MedaiWiki jargon).

* Stack and Board: Easy to translate.
* Set: as in Hebrew, several words could be used, but with good context
documentation it will be easy to find something appropriate.

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2015-03-03 21:22 GMT+02:00 Juliet Barbara <jbarbara at wikimedia.org>:

> Hi Everyone,
> Juliet here from the WMF Communications team. We're playing with some
> potential words for Product messaging and are wondering how the below
> options translate to other languages.
> We would love your thoughts on how translatable these three words are and
> what they mean to you in the languages you speak.
>    - *Stacks* - objects arranged in a pile (typically a neat one) on top
>    of one another ("a stack of paper")
>    - *Boards* -- not the wood kind, but like a notice board where
>    information can be displayed (like Pinterest Boards if you use Pinterest)
>    - *Sets* -- a collection of things, ideas, etc. ("a set of keys")
> Depending on how many responses we get, we may want to start a spreadsheet
> but for the time being please reply to this thread.
> Thank you in advance for your help and feedback!
> Juliet
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