[Translators-l] Ready for early translation: Tech News #34 (2014)

Bohdan Melnychuk base-w at yandex.ru
Tue Aug 19 16:36:02 UTC 2014

Abuse. I see two options: not creating an issue at all or creating an 
issue and translating it as usual. There is no midpoint. The sugested 
midpoint is another support of the idea that everybody must know English 
to work normally in WMF projects. People are forced to know English to 
learn about tech news in the case. I won't stand it and just my being 
offline for long prevented me to translate the issue in time. I'll make 
sure that even if Vira won't translate issues there will be Ukrainian 
translation available in further. There are better and worse ways to 
defy WMF. This way is not mine.


15.08.2014 19:36, Vira Motorko написав(ла):
> I'm not sure that all of us, translators, know about odder's call, but 
> I fully agree and will try to reach others on my home wiki.
> /Vira Motorko/
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> 2014-08-15 19:13 GMT+03:00 Tomasz W. Kozłowski <twkozlowski at gmail.com 
> <mailto:twkozlowski at gmail.com>>:
>     Hi again,
>     as a follow-up to my previous e-mail as well as to the e-mail I sent
>     out on Sunday — and as I wrote to some of you on Meta-Wiki — I
>     strongly suggest that you consider /not/ translating Tech News this
>     week in protest against the recent actions of the Foundation.
>     I have explained my reasoning in detail in my previous e-mail, so I
>     won't repeat it here: I'll only say that /not/ translating Tech News
>     this week is a good method of bearing pressure on the Foundation, as
>     it goes against the goals that they set themselves as an organization.
>     It might be just a small gesture, but we are seeing similar protests
>     and strikes from all sides of the Wikimedia community — admins
>     resigning or going inactive, regular users withdrawing article
>     namespace contributions, OTRS agents stopping their work.
>     As the saying goes, little strokes fell greats oaks, so if you
>     disagree with what the Foundation has done (and keeps doing), please
>     consider not translating Tech News this week.
>     Let's all hope that the Foundation reverse their decision so we can
>     get back to work and make the Wikimedia movement better through
>     discussion and consensus rather than through the threat and use of
>     force.
>     Thank you!
>                     Tomasz W. Kozlowski
>                     a.k.a. [[user:odder]]
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