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Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Sun Aug 10 18:43:33 UTC 2014

The gerrit comment said "no user" added to this group. The problem is then
not the patch itself but the ativation of the new user group without any
policy and prior discussion.

I also agree that the WMF staff should NEVER have any privilege on public
Wikimedia projects (including Meta-Wiki whcih is a cooperation of all
Wikimedia projects), except in the closed Wikimedia Foundation wiki.

The WMF staff is there to **serve** the community and work with the Board
directing them for the benefit of the community. They are also not much
trained and many wikimedians do better jobs than them in many technical
issues, or for helping maintaining the policy and doing most of the
monitoring of projects for quality, and fighting spam.

The WMF staff is still helpful because of their commited (and paid) time to
work on specific issues that need them. But they cannot/should not drive
the projects themselves, and notably they should not protect pages on
Wikimedia projects, except very specific ones (such as those exposing the
official versions of approved policies, and specific pages related to legal
isuses and communication by the WMF, such as budget and accounting
reporting, public statements needed after a legal order, such as disclosing
decisions to block some pages due to copyright violations... but in most
cases the OTRS team was performing a good job with the community and if
needed there were already contacts with the WMF Board and boards of
Wikimedia affiliates).

If what you say about the German Wikiemdia is true, yes this is abusive.
That should be reverted because it as not discussed and no policies was
effective. If this is done because the XMF starts aving problem managing a
large crowd of admins (especially in the English Wikipedia), this is the
wrong method.

And this should have not been done during Wikimania when most active admins
from various projects and chapters are not there to cast their opinion.
There was no emergency to deploy this feature.

2014-08-10 20:07 GMT+02:00 Tomasz W. Kozłowski <twkozlowski at gmail.com>:

> Philippe,
> the patch is not for the MediaWiki software but for the configuration
> of Wikimedia wikis (it's in the operations/mediawiki-config repository
> on Gerrit).
> It has been merged and deployed on the production cluster. The user
> right has been added to the global staff user group, and it has
> already been used to protect the MediaWiki:Common.js page on the
> German Wikipedia so that no one can edit it except Wikimedia
> Foundation employees.
> Wikimedia Foundation is using this user right to actively fight its
> community of volunteers.
> This is something I cannot and will not support.
>                 Tomasz
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