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The revert on gerrit does not mean actual revert - it means 'revert is

-Yena Hong (Revi)
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Wasn't this patch was reverted ?
Anyway it is a patch within MediaWiki software, which may be useful with
some wikis outside Wikimedia. It i not a patch meant to be used on
Wikimedia projects without discussions ab out how "superadmins" will be
designated and without a policy about their nomination and permitted
The patch is initially WITHOUT any user allowed (not even any existing
default admin groups). I think that if it is integrated in Wikiemdia
projects, they will include some existing administrator groups but there
will be a need for discussing which groups to include in them; my opinionis
that if they are implemented, all their actions will need to be coordinated
by a common action approved by at least two or three admins in this group,
which are also admins on distinct wikimedia projects; to avoid superabuse.
But without a policy, no one can be nominated for now (and I don't think
that even the WMF staff should be member of this group, unless they are
nominated by the community).

I don't see why you take this decision so fast when this has not even been
deployed and this patch was even reverted !

There are tons of options in MediaWiki that are not used in Wikimedia
projects but meant for other wikis (including wikis for closed proprietary

2014-08-10 17:43 GMT+02:00 Tomasz W. Kozłowski <twkozlowski at gmail.com>:

> Hello translators,
> it is with great regret that I am forced to suspend my activity on
> Tech News with immediate effect.
> After <https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/153302/> was merged and
> deployed to the Wikimedia cluster earlier today, implementing a new
> protection level which prevents volunteer Wikimedians from editing
> certain wiki pages, I can no longer in good conscience support the
> Wikimedia Foundation.
> <https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/153302/> is a change that I find
> completely unacceptable. It is a change that stands in direct
> contradiction to the wonderful cooperation between the Foundation and
> the volunteer community that's been Tech News.
> It has been a great pleasure working with you on Tech News for the
> past year, but after this disgusting usurpation of power and sickening
> cheek towards the community, I am forced to suspend my involvement
> with Tech News.
> From now on, I will neither work on the English version of Tech News,
> nor translate future issues into Polish.
> If you agree with my feelings towards this change, please consider
> suspending your translations of Tech News as well as other volunteer
> translations you are doing for the Foundation (especially if they are
> fundraising translations).
> I am planning to suspend my involvement with Tech News until
> <https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/153302/> is reverted but until
> that day comes, I cannot volunteer my time and effort for the
> Foundation any further.
> The current issue of Tech News will be published by Guillaume
> tomorrow, as usual. I have no information about the future issues, but
> perhaps Tech News can continue without me.
> Thank you for your time, and the best of luck to you all.
>                 Tomasz
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