[Translators-l] Greetings and a request

Keegan Peterzell keegan.wiki at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 19:26:14 UTC 2013

Hello translators,

I'm Keegan from the English Wikipedia, I'm contracting again for the
Wikimedia Foundation for the roll-out of VisualEditor and communicating
with non-English wikis.  I worked with the Wikimedia Foundation for
Fundraising 2010 in a similar role and worked with many of you outside of
this list.

I have a request for a Russian translation needed on meta:

Its translation can be placed here:
I am inviting the Russian Wikipedia community to participate in
VisualEditor documentation on their Wikipedia so that the community is
ready for it, and I want to send the message in Russian to their Village

Thank you for your time, and I will be subscribing and writing to this list
from my wikimedia.org address when it is created.


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