[Translators-l] [MediaWiki-l] translatewiki.net ending localisation support for svn.wikimedia.org MediaWiki extensions

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 06:05:42 UTC 2012

Just quick note that, as announced in August 
translatewiki.net yesterday dropped support for about 260 
extensions/message groups.
People still using code from SVN will no longer have the localisation 
updates they might expect.
If you need or care about one of them and the respective localisation, 
you should get in contact with its developer(s) (or become one) so that 
it's migrated to 
Most or all of them need some tender loving care anyway.

The list of removed message groups is in 
https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/26045/ and reproduced below for your 

Sorry for the crossposting,

ABC, Advanced Meta, Advanced Random, Ajax Login, AJAX Poll, Ajax Query 
Pages, Ajax Show Editors, Amazon Plus, Api Explorer, Api SVG Proxy, 
Article Comments, Article To Category 2, Asksql, Autoincrement, Back and 
Forth, Bad Image, Batch User Rights, Block Titles, Book Information, 
CallCassandra, Categorize, Category Browser, Category Intersection, 
Category Members On Sidebar, Category Multisort, Category Multisort 
Chinese, Category On Upload, Category Sort Headers, Category Stepper, 
Category Watch, Change Author, Chemistry, Close Wikis, Collab Watchlist, 
Comment Spammer, Contributions Edit Count, Contributors, Contributors 
Add-on, Cooperation Statistics, Count Edits, Create Box, Create 
Redirect, Creative Commons Rdf, Cross Namespace Links, Crosswiki Block, 
Crowd Authentication, Data Transclusion, Date Diff, Delayed Definition, 
Delete Queue, Did You Mean, DPL Forum, Dublin Core Rdf, Duplicator, Edit 
count, Edit Messages, Edit Own, Edit Section Clearer Link, Edit Section 
Hilite Link, Edit Similar, Edit User, Elm Easy Ref, Email Address Image, 
Email Page, Email Users, Emergency DeSysop, Etherpad Lite, External 
Pages, Farmer, Favorites, File Attach, File Page Masking, Find Spam, 
Fixed Image, Flag Page, Flv Handler, Folk Tag Cloud, Form, Format Email, 
Framed Video, Freq Pattern Tag Cloud, Front Back Matter Forced 
Wikilinks, GeeQuBox, GeoLite, Get Family, Global User rights, Gnuplot, 
Google Analytics, Google Maps, Go To Category, Groups Sidebar, Hide 
Namespace, Honeypot Integration, HTMLets, Icon, Image Tagging, Import 
Free Images, Import Users, IM Status, Include WP, Index Function, Inline 
Categorizer, Inspect Cache, Interactive Block Message, Interface 
Concurrency, Interwiki List, IP Auth, JS Kit, Last User Login, Latex 
Doc, Link OpenID, Livelets, Local JQuery, Lockdown, Logo Functions, 
Lookup User, Lua, Magic No Numbered Headings, Mass Blank, Mass Edit 
Regex, Math Stat Functions, Media Functions, Metadata Edit, Meta 
Keywords, Metavid Wiki, MicroID, Mini Donation, Minimum Name Length, 
Mini Preview, Mirror Tools, Most Revisors, Multi Boilerplate, Multi 
Upload, Natural Language List, Navigation Popups, Network Auth, Newest 
Pages, News, News Channel, No Bogus Userpages, Notificator, Nss MySQL 
Auth, OpenID, Oracle Text Search, Other Sites, Package Force, Page By, 
Page In Cat, Page Object Model, Parser Wiki, Patroller, Pdf Book, People 
Categories, Pipe Escape, Piwik, Player, Plotters, POV Watch, Preloader, 
Preview Functions, Private Page Protection, Profile Monitor, Protect 
Section, Proxy Connect, PSI NoTocNum, Pure Wiki Deletion, Purge, Purge 
Cache, QPoll, Qr Code, Random Image, RDFIO, Record Admin, Redirect, 
Reflect, Regex Block, Research Tools, Resumable Upload, RPED, Search 
Box, See also, Semantic Data Types, Semantic Project Management, 
SemanticSignup, Semantic Web Browser, Sendmail To Wiki, Shared User 
Rights, Show Processlist, Sidebar Donate Box, Sign Document, Simple 
Security, Slippy Map, SNMP query, Sound Manager 2 Button, Spam Diff 
Tool, Spam Regex, Special 404, Special File List, Special Talk, 
SQL2Wiki, Stale Pages, Sternograph, Stock Charts, Storyboard, String 
Functions, Sudo, Suhosin, SVG Zoom, Tab0, Talk Here, Tasks, Template 
Info, Template Link, TidyTab, Todo, Todo Tasks, Toolserver Tools - 
Holeks Cite book template generator, Toolserver Tools - Kolossos Kml On 
Openlayers, Toolserver Tools - Soxred93, Tooltip, Transliterator, Tree 
And Menu, Trusted Math, TSPoll, UK Geocoding For Maps, Uniwiki - 
Authors, Uniwiki - Auto Create Category Pages, Uniwiki - Cat Box At Top, 
Uniwiki - Create Page, Uniwiki - Css Hooks, Uniwiki - Custom Toolbar, 
Uniwiki - Format Changes, Uniwiki - Format Search, Uniwiki - Generic 
Edit Page, Uniwiki - Javascript, Uniwiki - Layouts, Uniwiki - Moo Tools 
12 core, Usage Statistics, User Contact Links, User Debug Info, User 
Images, User Page Edit Protection, User Rights Notif, VariVote, 
Watchers, Watch Subpages, Web Store, What Is My IP, White List Edit, Who 
Is Watching, Whos Online, Wiki Article Feeds, Wiki At Home, WikiBhasha, 
Wikidata, Wikilog, Wiki Sync, Wiki Tweet, Woopra, XMLRC, YouTube Auth Sub.

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