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Dear translators,

Today I ask your help in making accessible _another_ program -- the
Participation Support program -- formerly known as the Participation Grants
program.  Translating the information about this program is particularly
important, as it is highly relevant for individual contributors on any
project, no matter its size, and regardless of the existence or size of a
local chapter.

Please help us spread the news about this opportunity to all our colleagues
around the world.  The information to translate is at

Further details quoted below, if you're interested.

Thanks in advance!

   Asaf Bartov (WMF)
   Johannes Rohr (WMDE)

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Dear all:

Here are two announcements and one request from the Participation Support
Program Committee (formerly the Participation Grants Committee) and the WMF
regarding the Participation Support Program (formerly the Participation
Grants Program).

==A note from the Participation Support Program Committee regarding the
Participation Support Program's name change==

In order to better comply with US tax regulations that affect the Wikimedia
Foundation, we must change the name of the "Participation Grants Program"
to "Participation Support Program" to more consistently reflect the nature
of these transactions as reimbursements rather than grants. This will allow
WMF and WMDE to continue to administer this program without imposing
additional burdensome technical requirements on recipients of these funds,
while still keeping us in compliance with US regulations. We will not be
changing this program substantially or procedurally: we are only naming it
more accurately.

To read more about this program, see [1].

If you'd like to discuss the name change, see [2].

==A related note from the WMF grants team regarding funding participation
in Wikimedia-organized events==

The Participation Support Program (a partnership between WMF and WMDE
distinct from the WMF Grants Program) will not fund individual
participation in "Wikimedia-organized events" (defined as events organized
by Wikimedia chapters, the WMF, or other Wikimedian groups). However, WMF
is likely to fund participation in Wikimedia-organized events when the
event organizers apply for funding through the WMF grants program.
Therefore, individuals seeking funds for participation in
Wikimedia-organized events should apply through the event organizers during
the planning stages of the event so that the organizers can budget
appropriately to cover these costs.

This note applies especially to event organizers and to individuals who may
apply for funding to participate in Wikimedia-organized events. Our hope is
that these guidelines will streamline this process for event organizers and
attendees alike and that we might avoid duplication of efforts and
excessive administrative burdens for all.

For more details on this policy how may affect participants and event
organizers, see the Q&A[3].

==Please help make this accessible to all==

We need your help in bringing the news about the availability of this
program to our non-English-speaking colleagues.  Please help translate the
program information page by clicking the "Translate this page" in [1].
 Please relay this message to your local chapter/community mailing lists to
help us find volunteer translators to make this program as accessible as


   Asaf Bartov (WMF)
   Johannes Rohr (WMDE)

[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Participation:Support
[2] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Participation:Support/Program_Name
    Asaf Bartov
    Wikimedia Foundation <http://www.wikimediafoundation.org>

    Asaf Bartov
    Wikimedia Foundation <http://www.wikimediafoundation.org>
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