[Translators-l] New system for notifying translators, and two new requests

Jon Harald Søby jsoby at wikimedia.org
Fri May 18 01:25:34 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

The folks in the i18n team has made a great new tool for us to use, which
is live on Meta right now:
What it does is that it lets you be notified when there are new pages for
translations. You sign up on that page, specifying what languages you are
willing to translate into, how you would like to be notified (e-mail, Meta
talk page or talk page on another wiki), and how often you would like to be
notified. This will make it much easier to target people by language, so
when we have something that only needs to be translated into, say,
Romanian, only people who speak Romanian will get the notification about

The thing we need for it now is to populate the database with translators,
so please *sign
up*<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:TranslatorSignup>and help
us test it! (Feedback is, as always, very welcome.)

This also brings me to the next part – I have put up two "new" appeals for
translations for the next fundraiser. They are not actually new, as they
were both used in the previous fundraiser, but were put up a bit late, so
they weren't very widely translated.
The appeals are:

   - GorillaWarfare's
   this was the most widely translated one of the two, so it may already be
   done in your language. But if it is, it doesn't harm to proofread it once
   or twice. :-)
   - Sengai's appeal<https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Translate&group=page-Fundraising+2012%2FTranslation%2FSengai+appeal&taction=translate>–
this one was only requested for Indian languages last time, so it
   have very many translations. Now it is being requested for all languages
   though, so your help with this is much appreciated.

Another new tool we have is the ability to group translatable pages
together, just like the message groups in Translatewiki. So you can now see
all fundraiser-related translations by going
You can see an overview of all translation requests at
or at [[Translation

For now, live long and prosper. \V/

Jon Harald Søby
Community Fellow
Wikimedia Foundation
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