[Translators-l] Please help with translate the 2012 Steward Election

Tanvir Rahman wikitanvir at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 16:17:00 UTC 2012

> A bit unsure about what does the update parameter of {{ls}} does. Must it
> always be update=en for all translations? or it should be present when the
> translation is outdated?

That parameter gives the name of the language in its native name (i.e. in
its own script if available), for example, you see "English:" in bold when
it's {{ls|en}}, and you see "বাংলা" when it's {{ls|bn}}. So when you are
translating, change the en to the language code of your translated
language. For example, if you translate to zh-hans than, change it to

Tanvir Rahman
Wikitanvir on Wikimedia
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