[Translators-l] Two new fundraiser requests

Jon Harald Søby jsoby at wikimedia.org
Mon Feb 6 13:22:16 UTC 2012

Hi all,

The fundraiser team is going to perform some tests in African countries
starting soon. Therefore the translation of the Isaac appeal is now
requested in more languages, namely *Afrikaans*, *Arabic*, *French*, *
Spanish* and *Swahili* (though Isaac said he may do the Swahili translation
himself ;-) ). The page can be found here:
You may of course translate it to other languages as well if you want to,
but those are not going to be used in the short term.

There is also a request for a donor survey, that is requested for all
languages, though the five aforementioned languages + *Portuguese* are the
ones that will get it first. But it will be used for many more languages
later, so all translations are very welcome. The page can be found here:

Both of these use the Translate extension, so just click "Translate this
page" on top of the page to start translating. If you have any questions at
all, just let me know. :-)

Jon Harald Søby
Community Fellow
Wikimedia Foundation
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